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To apply to be an interpreter for A2SL please email us (or send us the below form) a full resume, sample of your work, and any certifications obtained.  We are vigilant in matching what jobs are best suited to the interpreter. We look forward to meeting you!


All interpreters are hired as employees of A2SL rather than contractors. Benefits of A2SL interpreter employment:

  • Paid sick leave - paid up to 48 hours annually at your hourly rate 

  • SIMPLE IRA Retirement Plan - with up to 3% matching 

  • Insurance coverage: commercial general liability insurance, protected information insurance, and workers compensation

  • As an employee, you will receive a W-2 rather than a 1099 at the end of the year. Your portion of federal taxes are withheld through the year based on the W-4 that you complete, as well as medicare and social security taxes withheld. As a contractor you would pay these taxes solely. As an employee, we pay payroll taxes; half of the medicare tax and social security tax.